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Acid Stain Concrete Image

Acid Stain Concrete Image Acid Stain Concrete Image

Acid Stain Concrete Image

Acid Stain Concrete Image

Concrete is a complex material used commonly in building construction. It consists of a combination of an aggregate and a cement binder. The most common type of cementum comprises Portland cement, mineral aggregates and water. Concrete is the most widely used man-made material on earth.

Stained Concrete

Acid stain is non a coloring agent or paint. It is basically, a coloring procedure that involves certain chemical reactions on cementitious material. Water, acid and inorganic salts respond with the minerals present in the concrete to form a solution that imparts it the color. Acid stains ar made from hydrochloric acid, metallic ions and wetting agents. Acid stain provides a mottled, marble like look. It can create various beautiful colours on the concrete such as earthy tones of red, green and reddish brown. Acid spotting produces better effects on old concrete. There are dissimilar kinds of acid stains available such as ChemTone. This stain does not contain hydrochloric acid and is safer for transporting and handling. Acid staining is permanent, it does non fade or chip.

Where and How to Do It?

Acid staining of concrete can be done in walks, entrances, patios, driveways, living rooms and bathrooms. A smooth concrete surface is better for acid staining. Application of acid stain requires few tools such as paintbrushes, sprayers and a saw with a diamond blade for scoring the surface. One gallon of stain with one gallon of water can color approximately 400 square feet. A new concrete slab needs time for curing (at least three weeks after gushing the mixture). It also has to be rinsed and scrubbed. Old concrete needs to be thoroughly cleaned as any dust, dirt or grease will prevent the acid stain from penetrating properly. It is recommended to test the acid stain on a small area first. Acid stains are transparent and any scratches or cuts on the concrete add to the charm. It is recommended to apply the stain with non-metallic equipments. When the floor is dry, sealing is advised to raise the color and shield the concrete. The sealant can be applied with a phenolic core roller or sprayers.

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